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Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat 1 Game Recommended for players who love Puzzle Games or Physic Games online. Play on all the cool Games you looking for! Sushi Cat is a fun and easy game about a sushi crazed feline that wants nothing but to stuff its belly with all sorts of sushi foods. Players must position the cat so when it falls it grabs a maximum number of sushi pieces. Bouncing from platform to platform and jumping from ledge to ledge doesn’t seem to affect the fluffy cat’s appetite. It will eat any type of sushi or sashimi it encounters. Combos and additional rewards are obtained when ingesting multiple pieces of food at once. When the cat on Sushi Cat Game fills its belly with enough sushi the next level begins. Play exciting game that fits almost any player. Take the Fat Cat to funny adventure! When you are finish the tasks here, jumped to the second game Sushi Cat 2 that already available!