Plays 407 is a fun and quirky arcade game with a simple premise: control a growing black hole and gobble up everything in sight! The Goal of the Game Become the biggest black hole on the map by consuming everything from tiny pebbles to buildings and even other players.

How to Play

Use the on-screen controls (joystick or tilt controls) to move your hole around the map.
The bigger your hole gets, the faster you move and the larger objects you can swallow.
Be mindful of other players’ holes – if they’re bigger, they can suck you in and eliminate you! is available on a variety of platforms

Mobile (Android and iOS) – [Download from App Store or Google Play]
Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC (Steam version coming soon) Mod Apk

Hold off on modded versions (Mod Apk)! These can be risky, containing malware or not functioning properly. It’s best to stick to the official versions from trusted sources. Trophies

These are in-game achievements you can unlock by completing specific tasks. They add a layer of challenge and bragging rights!

Download and Play for Free!

The base game of is free to download and play on mobile and web browsers. There might be optional in-app purchases for cosmetic items or power-ups in the mobile versions. Modes and Cheats:

There aren’t different modes in the traditional sense, but there’s a variety of maps to keep things fresh. As for cheats, the game is best enjoyed fair and square. Test your skills and see how big you can grow!