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Hey you! Play here the Game free online! Let’s join the new game that burned the our site! Does the game Counter Strike challenge you? The game Fortnite intrigues you? The game Minecraft drives you crazy? Excellent! Because you are going to meet a new game that combines all these games together! New game in FPS games category come to friv site and you do not want to miss it! Play Game online for free.

What is Game?

Say hello to the Game which brings with it a different experience, a game experience on a different level. So how are your skills in shooting games? And how is your success in multiplayer games? In this Krunker game you can test this for yourself in front of a cool game that will leave you for hours in front of the screen. Hacks & Tips

Before you start the challenge, know that there are no less than 11 lessons you can practice before you go into battle. The game is full of weapons, characters, maps (Players can create maps themselves and also keep other players enjoying them), upgrades, players, defenses, servers and more surprises! You will know at any moment what your situation is in the game against other players because the game has the ability to see scores and statistics. The game was first developed for play in a browser, but is now available for play on any platform. As mentioned, in a variety of weapons game, start playing and change your weapon according to the progress of the game, you will find the weapon that is best for you

How to play the Game?

These are the controls you will play with: Move the player with the WASD keys, with C you can aim the weapon, with left click to can shoot, with space bar you jumping, The game offers a lot of key options as we mentioned here, in addition it is good to know that it is possible ro crouch with Shift or spray paint with F. Play Krunker on full screen on your computer or mobile phone by selecting the appropriate full screen display icon on the right. Players who love shooting games and strategy will greatly enjoy the game. Enjoy!