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Homescapes The Goal of the game

In Homescapes, you help Austin renovate his childhood home after his father is forced to sell it. Do this by matching colored pieces, solving challenging puzzles, and designing the house to your taste. Along the way, you’ll meet interesting characters, discover exciting stories, and enjoy an addictive gaming experience.

How to play Homescapes:

Matching pieces: The main part of the game is based on matching 3 or more colored pieces together. The more pieces you match in a row, the more powerful rewards you will receive to help you with the renovation.
Solving puzzles: Throughout the game you will encounter a variety of challenging puzzles that require creative thinking and problem solving. Solving the puzzles will open up new rooms in the house and give you unique furniture and decorations.
Interior design: Homescapes gives you complete freedom to design the house to your taste. Choose from thousands of different furniture, colors and wallpapers to create your dream home.
Exciting story: Throughout the game you will discover the story of the Austin family and help them deal with different challenges.

Additional tips for the game Homescapes:

Use special boosters to help you pass tougher levels.
Collect coins and diamonds throughout the game to purchase new furniture and decorations.
Connect with friends on Facebook and share your progress with them.
Download the game for free from the app store and enjoy hours of fun!
Homescapes is a light and fun game for the whole family. With beautiful graphics, pleasant music and an exciting story, it will quickly become one of your favorite games.