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GeoGuessr free game friv

GeoGuessr free game is a city guesser game where navigation skills are tested. The city guesser game takes place on Google Street View where players are given tasks in which they have to guess where they are in the world. The game GeoGuessr free throws you away at a random point in the world, and you have to guess where you are with the help of clues on the maps. The clues of GeoGuessr free can be trees or special gardens, unique structures, salient features of a place, famous roads, familiar signs, typical weather for the place and landmarks that can help with the right guess. Players of city guesser can navigate the map of Google Street View in any direction, zoom in or out in order to find a clue to their location. Once you feel you have reached the exact guess, mark it on the map and the game GeoGuessr free will show you the position and then give a score according to the level of guessing. The score distribution ranges from 0 to 5000. When the closer your guess is the higher the score will be. The city guesser game offers a challenging and interesting way to explore cultures and countries and all this online. In the game you can choose different game modes, among them, game with friends, game against other players (geoguessr battle royale), game against time and so on. Play GeoGuessr free up to 5 games and then it is necessary to find a hacked game version or pay for PRO account. You can play Completely Free the game GeoGuessr Here.