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Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a free to play, massively multiplayer party royale game. Imagine a giant obstacle course filled with colorful, clumsy bean-shaped characters tripping over each other. That’s the delightful chaos that is Fall Guys!

The Goal: Be the Last Bean Standing!

You and up to 39 other players compete through a series of increasingly difficult rounds. Each round is a wacky mini-game, from obstacle courses filled with giant seesaws and swinging hammers to team games where you have to work together (sort of) to qualify. The goal? Be one of the few beans who survives the mayhem and claims the crown at the end!

How to Play: Clumsy Fun for Everyone

Fall Guys is easy to pick up but hard to master. You control your bean with simple joysticks or keyboard commands. Running, jumping, and grabbing are all you need to navigate the wacky challenges. But the real skill comes in anticipating the crowd, learning the levels, and maybe a little bit of luck!

Fall Guys on (Almost) Every Platform!

You can join the Fall Guys fun on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC. So gather your friends (or frenemies) across different platforms and get ready to stumble towards greatness!

Beware the Fake Fall Guys APKs!

There are unfortunately many fake Fall Guys mobile apps (APKs) out there. Fall Guys is not currently available for mobile devices, so be cautious of anything you download that claims to be Fall Guys for your phone.

Split Screen? Not Yet!

As of now, Fall Guys doesn’t offer split-screen play. But who needs splitscreen when you can cause glorious chaos online with your friends?

Fall Guys for Free? Here’s the Catch!

Fall Guys is free-to-play, but there are in-game purchases available for additional costumes and customizations for your bean.

Fall Guys on Steam? Not Currently!

While Fall Guys was originally available on Steam, it’s currently only available through the Epic Games Store for PC.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – The Full Name

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the full name of the game, though most people just call it Fall Guys.

Is Fall Guys on Mobile? Not Officially (Yet!)

There is no official Fall Guys mobile game at this time. However, the developers have hinted at a future mobile version, so stay tuned!