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Math Magician

Math Magician is special game for players who like playing cool math games. If you are looking for cool math games for your kids so stay here because the game we have here will challenge parents too! Let’s check your knowledge on math! We have here a cool math game Math Magician that can challenge everyone not only kids. Join the math test which is very fast but the best! You have only 60 seconds to solve 20 questions! In order to gain the maximum score you need to solve all the questions as fast as possible. Players can choose the numbers but not the exercises. Check how much you are good in the world of math with Math Magician the coolmath great game. How will you know where you stand in the game? On the right side there is success bar that will show you how much time left and how much time you have to complete the task. How do you know how many questions you’ve got to solve? On the top you have the questions bar that show the number of questions you answered correctly. That’s it! Now let’s start the cool Math Magician challenge!