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Run 2

Run 2 is a classic free running game platform with a cool twist. Players select one of the two characters: runner or skater. The runner doesn’t jump that far but can be easily controlled. The skater is an excellent jumper but controlling him is harder. The trick is that gravity may shift when players jump or touch walls. If they fail to adapt they slip into vast nothingness and lose the game. Levels are gradually unlocked. Each level on Free Run 2 game gives players the chance to earn a bonus by collecting coins. Advanced players have the option to increase the running speed for an extra challenge. The game Free Run 2 is one of the first running games and still today everyone loves this challenge. Many games developers try to copy the plot of the game try to repeat the success but Free Run this is special game. The game can be found at Cool Math Games sites and Here of course at Games! Love games where the main challenge is free running and fun? If YES so join the game! Play Run 2 after you have learned the skills to the game from the first game.