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Woobies the colorful critters came to visit you on so good you are here! Woobies is a match three or more casual free online game played with cute little colored furballs. They are trapped and need players help to escape. Match at least three Woobies to get extra points and keep an eye out for combos, strategic shots or special Woobies! These creatures come in all colors but some have special abilities. Black Woobies bombs can be used to instantly free all other creatures around them. The game has three difficulty levels. Will you manage to finish the game on the harderst difficulty setting? Try now and free as much furry creatures as you can! If the Woobies game reminds you another game that called Bubble you’re not wrong. But the game Woobies is game from another world! Those who still do not know the game, can start it at the level of beginners “Easy” and from there you can go on to the more difficult modes. Tip for beginners: learn the special powers of each color, so you can quickly slip into the challenge.