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Wheely Game the game with the sweet car is here, and you are more than welcome to join the trip! Wheely 1 is a game which reminds the games with snail bob but here we have a little car that goes on a journey. Wheely is a casual puzzle game where players have to help Wheely, a cute little red car, get through all types of obstacles. Wheely’s dream is to be a racing car but he needs players help to achieve his goals. The game has puzzle features. Each game level is a new puzzle that must be solved in order to advance to the next challenge. The first few puzzles are pretty easy but towards the end of the game players will find out that some puzzles are not easy to figure out. Get cracking and help Wheely pass the finish line! Currently the game already has three parts! So the challenge is just beginning and there is a long road ahead of obstacles and a lot of fun! The game comes with graphics that winking for kids but do not let this fact fool you because the Wheely game suited for players of all ages!