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Travian is an extremely popular browser strategy game with millions of active users all over the world. Players start small with just a village under their management but later they get to run an empire and be in charge of multiple villages and armies. Resources on Travian are valuable assets that help players expand their tiny villages into veritable kingdoms. Friendly players join forces, forge alliances and share unforgettable game moments. Playing against other users and conquering their towns is also part of the game and it’s one of the features that make Travian one of the best strategy games ever created. joined also to Travian and start build your world. Looking for shortcuts? Hints? Help on the way? maps or servers? Jumped to Travian Bot where you can get all this and more for your game. In view of the great success of the game in the whole world, you should know that Travian 2 is around the corner already! On you can find the best online browser games for free!