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Tanki Online 2

Welcome to the second game of Tanki Online on Friv Tanki Online is free so get ready for cool ction! Tanki Online 2 is a military game that offers players the chance to drive their very own tank. It’s a free to play title that features multiplayer action and a tutorial for new players. One of the most important aspects of the game is the lack of single player content. The game focuses only on battles against human players. There are a few modes to choose from: capture the flag, team death match or base control. Tanks can be made more combat efficient by using upgrades. Players get experience and ranks. A map editor allows creative players to design unique battlegrounds. After you have learned the first game battles comes the next challenge Tanki Online 2 Game that offers players innovations and upgrades. You come ready for the big fight that takes place in the second game without a doubt. Here there is no place for mistakes. After the first game you are considered strong and brave fighters, you will need to show performance and smart moves. Join for free to Tanki Online 2 game build your powerful tank, upgrade fighting conditions, earn weapons and gold eliminate the enemy forces and more! The game Tanki Online 2 is highly recommended for those who completed part 1 on this cool games series.