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Super Mario Crossover

Super Mario Crossover Game now everyone playingis at the game that reimagine the iconic platform games that have Mario as one of the main game characters. This time players are given the option to select from multiple characters and try their hand at coin collecting. If you even fantasized about playing Mario adventures while controlling Link from Legends of Zelda, this is the game for you. Users can select from five playable game characters: Mario, Link, Bill R., Simon, Mega Man or Samus. All these figures are from the most cool Nintendo games and here you have a chance to play with all the characters in one game! One nice feature is that each character has specific abilities. Link can do some air jumps while fighting enemies and much more! Players who love Super Mario Bros Game will enjoy here very much! And if Retro games is make you excited so going to be lot of fun! Play Super Mario Crossover the original game on the flash version at