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Stick War

Stick War 1 takes place in a fictional world called Inamorta, a land where weapons are worshiped as gods and war is the ultimate divine action. Each nation has a favorite weapon and specializes in using it against each other. Archers, mages, warriors and spearmen are all at war. Players have to employ workers to dig up gold that is used to recruit military troops. The campaign mode of Stick War Game has several missions that require players to defeat enemies or take down various objectives. Players who are looking for an extra challenge should try hard and insane modes. Beginners should stick with normal mode. Play cool stick games on and enjoy playing next to lot action. Players who love war games will find on Stick War lot of interest in the game. We love the game especially because of the fact that it requires thought, thought to help build a successful combat tactics against the enemy forces. Play stick war games on we have cool collection of great war games. Join us!