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Sports Heads Basketball

Sports Heads Basketball is a nice game that offers players lots of casual fun while taking part in short basketball matches. The action is fast paced. While controlling a giant headed basketball player, users partake in 1 versus 1 matches. The gameplay and rules are similar to the other Sports Heads games. Players shoot hoops and get points that reflect their performance. Green power ups boost movement speed or increase player’s size. The red power ups are trickier, they have negative effects on players or on their opponents. Yellow power ups modify the ball by making it bigger, smaller or bouncier. On Sports Heads Basketball Game like the other cool games of Sports Heads Players will meet at the beginning of the game already the board that explains the power of each element that appears in the game. Note that any bonus or power you will pick up on the game Sports Heads Basketball has a meaning that can affect the entire game, so we recommend that you explore all of the items before the game begins.