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Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7 is new fun online game that combines puzzles with physics. Just like in the previous games of Snail Bob that published also on games, the protagonist is once again our Snail Bob. While sleeping and dreaming about a great adventure, Snail Bob is magically transported to a fantasy world. A mighty dragon waits Bob at the end of his journey. Evil bees and other fictional creatures try to prevent Snail Bob from completing his quest on Snail Bob 7 Portals that transport Bob from one place to another are introduced as a new feature. Players get to enjoy 25 interesting puzzles with hidden content and neat graphic details in this new Snail Bob adventure. Don’t forget to collect stars in each stage they give you a score and power. Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story is the seventh game of Snail Bob Games Join to another game of adventure next to our Snail Bob. Currently this is the last game in the series but who knows what the future plan for us. We believe that Snail Bob 8 arrives soon until then, play and enjoy from all games!