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Snail Bob 6

Snail Bob 6Snail Bob 6 Game Play on The New Online Free Games Site. Snail Bob 6 is a physics casual mini game that takes place in the famous Snail Bob universe. It’s winter time but Snail Bob doesn’t have time for celebrations. Mr. Green has kidnapped Santa Snail and thus endangered Christmas. Snail Bob has an important mission: to rescue Santa and to save Christmas. Once again, players must help Bob get through another 25 levels and reach his goal. Bonus content in the form of gallery pictures is unlocked if players obtain the 75 hidden stars. This sixth installment Snail Bob 6 doesn’t add any extra mechanics but the puzzles are as challenging and engaging as ever. Joined Snail Bob to winter adventure and help him to succeed in his mission. Players who are following after all the cool games series, find in this part a new challenge with lot of fun! On Snail Bob 6 you are playing on cold and snowy winter next to the Christmas celebrations! Join us on 2 and invite friends!