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Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game Friv.comPlay Scary Maze Game at So, if you want to test your ability and skills at online games then scary maze game is for you. The maze game here is online game, classic arcade game, which you have to control with the mouse. You hand and the eyes have to be keen for you to complete successfully. The idea behind the maze game is reaching to the goal without touching the wall. It is all about testing how stable you hand is because it will control the mouse steadily for you to finish the game successfully. Try several times and you will become a pro and enjoy the Scary Maze Game. Scary maze is addictive and you will want to play it several times to prove to yourself that you have excellent skills. The game requires you to be focused so keep your eyes at the screen. Your goal in the Scary Maze game is to move the little red square, from the beginning of the route to the end, without touching the route edges, So be careful and try finish the Scary Maze Game successfully! Play with the mouse only.