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Scary Maze Game 2

Scary Maze Game 2 is a surprisingly catchy and addictive online game. Players use the mouse to control and guide a blue dot through a labyrinth. The game sounds easy but the truth is that it requires plenty of attention and cautiousness. The game Scary Maze Game ends if the dot touches the wall. As players advance, the corridors get smaller and smaller and keeping the dot on the right track becomes extremely difficult. It takes a few tries to get it right. The other tricky part is that the progress is not saved, if players fail a level they must restart the entire game. It’s true, maybe “scary” it’s not the right word for this game but obviously we have a frightening challenge if not stay alert to what is happening in the routes Play the Scary Maze Game 2 and if you like games that require skill so the Scary Maze Game is just for you and you are going to enjoy very much for sure! The game consists only four levels, But each level is not easy at all! The following game is part 2 on game series with many parts, so even if you have finished the challenge here you can move to third game that available on of course.