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Red Ball 4 Volume 1

Red Ball 4 Volume 1
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Friv.com > Friv Online Games > Red Ball 4 Volume 1
Red Ball 4 is a puzzle platform casual Friv.com game that continues the adventures of the Red Ball and his friends. Once again, the maleficent Black Ball is up to no good. He developed a machine that turns balls into squares. Fearing that the planet itself will be flattened by Black Ball’s creation, the courageous Red Ball sets on a quest to rescue his friends and save the world. The gameplay requires players to jump over obstacles, avoid dangerous area, figure out puzzles and collect coins. Achievements are earned for completing all sorts of tasks such as killing enemies using various terrain objects. Play Red Ball 4 Game at Friv.com where you will find all the games with the little Red Ball that want to continue his journey. Get ready for cool surprise in the fourth game in this series. The Game Red Ball 4 consists of a few parts like mini games. Here this is the Red Ball 4 Volume 1 and later you can continue to the next game