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Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad GodRealm of the Mad God Play Cool Games on 2 The Best Site For Your Free Games! Realm of the Mad God Game is a browser MMO that takes places in a fantasy land controlled by Oryx, the Mad God. Unfortunate adventurers must slay their way through legions of vile creature else they become food for Oryx’s minions. Game play features role playing elements with character classes, leveling system based on XP earned from killing mobs and class advancement that allows players to boost their character’s level to 20. Gear such as armors, weapons and accessories are used to improve heroes abilities. Social interaction and cooperative gameplay are main game features. Players can form permanent teams traditionally called guilds. Joined up to Realm of the Mad God The Fantastic Virtual World that come to visit on 2 after fast registration you can start the experience.