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Raze 2

Raze 2 is a great choice for any player that wants to experience fast paced shooter action without having to download large games to their PC. All kinds of enemies such as terrifying zombies or outer space creatures like strange aliens are committed to give users a hard time. Playable characters can be customized by selecting from a large variety of armors. Different types of weapons are also available. Play style varies depending on used abilities. Gameplay features both campaigns and quick matches. The game Raze 2 has nice visuals with some options that allow players to tweak and tune graphics according to their machines. Players have the option to customize the game as they want. The game offers players quick registration the game. Registered players can keep their performance and score, stop the game and start him again whenever they want. Raze 2 is cool war game that challenges each one of you. You are come into the game with the last battle experience, so now show your performance you have learned in the old battle.