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Raft Wars 2 Friv

Raft Wars 2 FrivRaft Wars 2 Play on 2 The New Space of Cool Games Online and all is Free! The game Raft Wars 2 is physics based web game set in a water park. Simon and his brother were spending a relaxing day at the beach, playing in the sand when they made a great discovery. Treasures were buried in the sand. After the boys return from a long vacation they find out that a newly built water park prevents them from retrieving more diamonds and gold. They decide to shut down the place by playing all sorts of pranks like throwing paint in the pool. The game play Raft Wars 2 requires players to launch projectiles. Customizations and different types of ammo are available. After you are finish the experience of the first game, you can begin a new and exciting experience with part 2 of Raft Wars Friv game. After you’re done with the pirates you can prepare for a new challenge! On 2 you are welcome to play any games on this cool games series.