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Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs ZombiesPlay plants vs zombies online free game on frivcom friv 2 the new online games experience. Get ready to have fun; your plant will be soiled by zombies who love fun. The zombies plague your home and you have to stop them. They will break into your house, they have special skills. In plant vs zombies defense action game, you have to be a quick thinker and plant fast to enable you combat everything. The supply of seedlings and seeds is limited and you have to be careful. In plant vs zombies online game there are obstacles like the fog, the setting sun and the swimming pool that adds more challenge. The fun is endless with this game. It is amazing and extremely entertaining. Here is the first game of plantas vs zombies games. Waiting for you 2 more games in the games series. Now what? Shoot zombies. defend your house from the zombies . collected bonuses that give you special powers, learned the power of any plant on the area. There are many plantas and power up. So open your eyes, and be careful with the plants on the battle against the zombies. Here on you can find all the versions of plantas vs zombies online games. You can also find on 2 site plants vs zombies apk for the best game and some more plants vs zombies cheats specially for you our favorite gamers.