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PacMan Friv.comPlay PacMan game online at arcade place. PacMan game is one of the most popular themes used in arcade games and cartoon like characters. The characters include PacMan, Pac Baby, Mrs. Pac Man, their cat and their dog known as Chomp Chop. They all go for an adventure in the game Pac land where PacMan is employed as guard, his work is to protect the forest against the evil Mezmaron and his many angels. But here at 2, first of all we play the classic version of PacMan game. The PC game from the past, is still successful also today. It is an interesting online game and the story is suitable for people of all ages. Get ready for adventures and cool game! You can play PacMan game anywhere with a network connection. Those who do not know or do not remember what is this game, the goal on PacMan game is to escape from the monsters, that want to eat you. On the escape, do not forget collected points and f ruit, the give you power up.