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PAC XON is a casual browser game that tests players speed and offers a lot of fun with challenge at different levels. PAC XON is cool game from the family games of Pacman that now are here on on the online version. The goal is to draw lines and wall in ghosts. Players must be careful though, if the ghosts catch them then one of the three lives is lost. If players lose all three lives, the level is restarted. On PAC XON Game there are 50 total levels, each one is more difficult than the other. Power ups should be used to gain advantages. The lemon power up enables players to eat ghosts, the cherry power up increases speed, the peach power up slows the ghosts and the strawberry power up freezes ghosts in place. The ghosts are not just ghosts they are Pacman ghosts from the classic game that we know from the past. On the game available on online version, the same PAC XON game that was PC game and now you can play online!