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Operate Now Stomach Surgery

Operate Now Stomach Surgery is a casual online game for doctor wannabes. It gives players the opportunity to operate on patients without harming them. However, it should be noted that completing the game is not equivalent to finishing medical school. It’s an educational game that teaches players a bit about the human body and gives a general idea about what is going on during a surgery. Specific instruments like scalpels, tongs or clamps are used. Players have to take x-rays, sterilize the area and make sure the patients receive oxygen during the operation. There are two game modes: normal and hard. Players that always wanted to know what goes on behind the doors of the operating room now invited to see some of what is happening there. On the game Operate Now you stand before a Stomach Surgery so get ready to virtual experience that not met every day. Enter the doctor’s shoes. Follow the instructions of the nurse and keep the patient.