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Motherload is a digging platform game playable in a web browser. Players control a mining pod that will automatically start drilling if placed on the right spot. Aimlessly wandering around in search for good mining spots sounds somewhat dull but the game action gets exciting when the mining pod encounters obstacles, traps and enemies. Each successfully completed mining operation comes with a significant money reward. The cash on Motherload is used to enhance the drilling device by making it more advanced. Best ores and most valuable materials are found deep down below Earth’s surface. Teleporting devices, dynamite or repair nanobots are available. Play Super Motherload Game on and you will enjoy for sure! The goal of the game is to dig as deeply as possible under the ground. The game is played with the arrow keys and the mouse. Note that even in the depths of the earth you will meet obstacles that will stop your move. Skip the annoying obstacles using smart guidance of your player. The game Motherload is very intriguing game and if you learn it right you might enjoy it a lot! On the right side of the screen there is an option to get “Help” in case you are stuck underground.