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Monkey Go Happy 2

Monkey Go Happy 2 Friv.comPlay Monkey GO Happy 2 Monkey Quest. bringing you the games you’re looking for! All games that your friends are talking about, you find at 2 for sure! After you beat the game Monkey GO Happy 1 You can finally move forward to the next friv game Play Monkey Quest Monkey GO Happy 2 of course! So. What we have in the second part? As always a lot of interested and challenge. You need to solve puzzles and tasks. Your goal is to solve all on the fast way, So you can gain a high score and make the monkey from sad Monkey to Happy Monkey, like the name of the game Monkey GO Happy 2. The first part of the game you are already finished, so you can skilled in and get to know better on the part 2. It’s annoying that the monkey cries so make the right move to make him smile.