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Mass Mayhem 1

Mass Mayhem is a game that offers players the chance to become kamikaze bombers. As disturbing as it may sound, the goal is to blow yourself up and taking as many people with you as possible. Gameplay tasks players with missions and objectives such as to kill a certain number of people. Kamikaze bombers have two ways to achieve their goal: fire a rocket and control where it lands and kill any nearby innocent human or animal with bombs strapped under their jacket. Players have the option to acquire upgrades to boost their damage or to fly using jet packs. Each stage on Mass Mayhem 1 will appear on the screen different task. When a mission is completed successfully players will receive money that would be able to upgrade their rockets and power. Mass Mayhem cool shooting game with rockets that can provide a lot of fun! With arrows keys move your warrior, with spacebar activated the bombs and the rockets.