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Lego City My City

Lego City My City is a Lego themed city management game suitable for kids but not only for them. On Players run around the city catching outlaws, putting out fires or doing whatever needs to be done to help town’s inhabitants. The gameplay is based on eight activities or mini games. Players act as policemen in racing mini games or as firemen that have to save buildings and people from fire. When sharks become a threat, players switch to the Coast Guard. The Cargo Airport is sometimes in need of support as well. All activities allow players to gather rewards. Various difficulty settings are available as well. Lego City My City is Lego game where you run your city blocks. The city is waiting for you so go out into the streets and do what you need to manage the Lego City properly. Lego game series is growing and today we can find a lot of different games and adventures with the famous Lego figures. Take the city management made sure that the Lego City will work like a real city.