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Lego City Game Friv

Lego City Game Friv
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Lego City Game Friv is now available at Friv.com 2. So what happens in the city of Legos? The City in danger! An extremely dangerous criminal has escaped from prison. Players will take the role of a Lego policeman and start a spectacular chase through the city to catch the bad guy. The game plays like a racing game. Players must collect various types of Lego bricks that will help them score points and, at the same time, avoid bumping into innocent civilians. The goal is to catch up with the bad guy’s car and ram it until it’s no longer able to drive. The problem is that the evil doer has more cars at his disposal. If you are ready to go on a mission at Lego City Game so Join the game and take a part of a team of Lego City Police Station. Play cool LEGO Games whenever you want to Here at the cool Place Friv.com Where everyone enjoys!