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Kizi Trek

Kizi TrekPlay Kizi Trek. Play free online games of two virtual worlds on one place! The game here offer you fantastic adventure, where the main character Kizi Friv collects stars, in order for them to find their way out. But the world where they are walking around has extraordinary physics law. Kizi Trek game is based on a gravity puzzle, which has 45 levels that spread over three extraordinary worlds. Ever level has small planets where you land every time you jump on the gravitational grounds. The planets are different, some rotate when you step on them, others still while some rotate automatically. To collect the stars, you are forced to jump from planet to another, and that’s where the challenge lies. The game Kizi Friv Trek comes from the virtual world of KIZI the original one. You have a chance to play with the main character of kizi at the Kizi Trek online game. The game can match anyone who likes challenges. Enhoy!