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Kingdom Rush 3

Kingdom Rush 3 Part three in a series of great strategy games. Play on the cool Kingdom Rush Frontiers game where fans can continue their adventure with this third installment of the trendy tower defense online game. The kingdom is once again in great danger and the king has called upon his favorite strategist to take care of the nasty business. Spell casting mages, brave infantry soldiers, skilled archers and bomb engineers help heroes defend the land from the evil necromancers. Each level on Kingdom Rush 3 presents a unique challenge that requires players to rethink their plans. Normal mobs are sometimes accompanied by almighty bosses. To stand a chance against all these evil spawns, players are given more than 30 upgrades. How much do you control the kingdom? Here you can show your performance, the skills you have learned in the previous games of Kingdom Rush. On you will find all the games of this cool games series and much more! So join the kingdom and showed smart strategic moves and advanced tactics. Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers and expect to wonderful challenge.