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Kingdom Rush 2

Kingdom Rush 2 is an action tower defense game where players have to protect their kingdoms by stopping monsters. This task is achieved with towers that slow down or kill the invading creatures. The path that leads into the heart of the kingdom is corrupted by evil spawns and the tasks to get rid of them falls into players’ hands. Barracks, archery ranges, mages towers and other types of buildings are to be placed in strategic places. All units support upgrades that make them fight more efficiently. Enemies appear in waves, from time to time players will also fight bosses. Play Kingdom Rush 2 the second game on cool games series. The game is based on strategy and fighting between armies. Players must build a smart tactic to win the battles. If you are belong to the players family so certainly you have seen that the game Kingdom Rush Frontiers is also here! On as you know all the cool games available for all players. Play Kingdom Rush 2 Game and when you are done you can move forward to the cool third game!