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Hulk Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Hulk Lego Marvel Super Heroes Friv.comPlay Lego Hulk Game at free online game the new Friv games site This Hulk game Story takes place on the Lego Marvel Super Heroes world, so you enjoy both worlds in one game! Hulk Lego is game with the super hero from the movie. Let’s start the game. You have to control over this unique character. Hulk the main character has special powers, like resistance against pain, injuries and diseases. He can jump over very high heights up to more than 3 miles. He can also withstand harsh temperatures both very low and high and he has a strong immunity against every disease on earth. Hulk Lego cannot control himself, so you are the one to control him! Have fun playing as a virtual hero. There is a wide collection of Hulk games at the big online games place! Join to Lego Marvel Super Heroes games with Hulk and other Super Heroes!