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Haunt The House Game Friv

Haunt The House Game FrivPlay Game Friv Haunt The House where you play the role of a ghost. The goal of ghost in the game is to scaring all the guests in the big house. So, How to do it? The ghost has the ability go into some objects around the house. For example, if you meet guests near the table, the ghost can become the table, and then your role is to do some tricks that frighten the people, and make them escape from the room, than you are became more stronger! In the Friv Haunt The House Game you have to scare 30 people! Cool game that requires you to think and plan carefully the steps of the funny ghost. As you progress in the game, you will realize how crazy tricks the ghost can do. You control the ghost with the arrow keys, and do some actions with the space. Play cool games like Haunt The House In 2 the best free online games place you can ask! If the mission success, and you want to play another game like Haunt The House so play now the second game, that called Haunt The House Terrortown A few hours of fun is coming!