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Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2Gun Mayhem 2 the second game in cool games series now available on 2 so join the shooting games series and play Gun Mayhem 2 with all the extreme challenges! Now you are probably skilled in the game, after you have passed successfully the obstacles of the first game. Let’s talk a moment about the second game. Gun Mayhem 2 is an action shooter platform game that can be played in solo mode, cooperatively with four other users or against other players. The campaign offers 16 exciting missions, each one has different challenges, goals and unique landscapes. Players team up and enjoy custom games by selecting one of the seven game modes. Jetpack is an exciting mode where all players wear jetpacks while competing in an every man for himself scenario. 1 Hit 1 Kill and Gun Game are other original modes. All times classic shooter modes like free for all or team death match are also available. So! If cool shooting games is what you’re looking for, here on 2 you will be happy discover that the best Shooting Game Gun Mayhem 2 is already beginning!