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Gold Miner Game Friv

Gold Miner Game FrivGold Miner online Play on 2 where you can play the classic game version the old version of Gold Miner game and all new games for 2 player or 1 also. Gold Miner is a fun game that requires players to fish for gold nuggets and gather a certain amount of coins before the time runs out. With each level, the amount of money necessary to finish the level is increased. Players carefully plan where to releases the hook so they have a rich capture. Small and big stones are not worth much but huge sparky chunks of gold will provide lots of coins. Surprises can be fished as well. These surprise bags can contain dynamite, money or random power ups. Money do not reset when a new level is started. The goal of the players on Gold Miner Game is to catch all the bags of gold before the time ends and after the required amount of gold is above the ground. Play on 2 and find out all the cool games for girls and boys!