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Game Friv Hopy Go Go

Game Friv Hopy Go GoHopy Games come to visit also on 2 with the cool game Hopy Go Go. Hopy is a cute tiny purple dinosaur with a mission. He must reach the lair of the Dark Wizard and defeat him. A magical journey through the fantasy land of Tyvandul awaits players. Users advance towards the final goal as they complete stages or levels. Each one has coins to collect, three secret rewards and a mysterious hidden gem. Dragon coins are used to unlock powerful abilities. Players get to spend their hard earned coins at the game store. A crafting feature is also available. The Friv Hopy Go Go game caters not only to English speaking players. A few language options are available for you. If you are looking for the cool games of Friv Hopy world you can find here at All best free online games and more! The little purple dinosaur is waiting for you with fun games for any ages! Although, most love Hopy they are kids. The Hopy games offers kids players lot of challenging kids games. Play with Hopy nice and free online game!