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Game Friv Bad Ice Cream 3

Game Friv Bad Ice Cream 3Bad Ice Cream 3 Game Friv com Play now on our new 2 site! The bad ice cream 3 online game is an arcade browser based game, with old school graphics that remind players of classic games like Supaplex or Pac-Man. This third Bad Ice Cream installment improves the original game play with new features and gives players another 40 levels. At the beginning on Bad Ice Cream 3 game, only level one is unlocked. The others will become playable only after users successfully finish the previous stages. The goal of a level is to eat all fruits while keeping the ice cream safe from enemies. As time runs out, players score bonus points if they complete the challenge in a minimum amount of time. Play Friv Bad Ice Cream 3 on our 2 cool site! Where you can play for free all games you are looking for! The third game on bad ice cream games series is upgraded and offers to the players lot of challenge and fun!