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G Switch Game Friv

G Switch Game FrivG Switch Friv is a Free Running online game that you are invited to play on 2 site. The game is a Runner platform game, that playable in a web browser. The graphics in the game are extremely simplistic, so players won’t get distracted from their goal. The G Switch Game can be played in two modes: main and endless. Main mode requires players to pass all eight checkpoints in order to finish the game. Endless mode is exactly what it sounds: an endless free running challenge that gets harder and harder and never ends. The main feature is that gravity can be easily switched, the trick is not to fall outside the platforms. The game friv G Switch is deceptively easy but insanely addictive, intense and fun. 2 bring you also the mobile version of G Switch, that you can play and enjoy from the cool game everywhere. What’s great about this game is that he seems easy, but! When you are start to playing, very fast you realize that this G Switch Friv game is gonna give lot of fun!