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Frogger Game on you can play online anytime! The Game Frogger Online reimagines the classic arcade game where players help a frog cross a road. Guiding the frog through an infernal traffic is the one and only game feature. There are not just lots of cars, there are also multiple types of vehicles of varying sizes. Some are easily avoidable as they move pretty slowly but others are quite speedy. The frog scores points every time it manages to avoid a vehicle. If the frog safely reaches the destination then the level is successfully completed and a new challenge is unlocked. The Frogger Online game has extremely easy mechanics that don’t require a guide. Everyone knows that Frogger is one of the classic games that always fun to play join also to the game! offers endless games collection from the past like Space Invaders, Pinball, Galaga, Pacman, Tetris and more and all those Retro Games are online for free!