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Friv Snail Bob 5 Game

Friv Snail Bob 5 GameSnail Bob 5 Game Play on 2 Here you can play all the cool games you are love and looking for. Snail Bob 5 finds the charming puzzle enthusiast snail character confronted with a matter of the heart. Struck by Cupid’s arrow, he will put on his best hat and start a great journey to his sweetheart’s house. Once again, players must guide Snail Bob through a treacherous forest gauntlet. The ability to change Bob’s moving direction is introduced as a new game feature. Twenty five different levels with original puzzle mini games and three hidden stars must be completed in order to finish the game. This fifth game installment also brings a better visual quality with crisp graphics and enhanced details. On Snail Bob 5 Game you will meet the love of Snail Bob. Your goal is to help the two meet again by going through all the levels and challenges that the game on 2 offers you dear players! Hit the road and discover a new and challenging game with our Snail Bob.