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Friv Game Strike Force Heroes 2

Friv Game Strike Force Heroes 2Play Strike Force Heroes 2 on 2 the place with all games! Strike Force Heroes is a military shooter game available for free to any player. A web browser and a working internet connection are the only two things needed to enjoy this fast paced shooter game. Four different class characters with various equipment types and weapons are available on Strike Force Heroes 2 Game. The Medic, the Tank, the Commando and the Assassin are the four playable soldiers. Each one uses unique weapons and has a set of four stats: critical, aim, ammo and health. Soldiers can equip a primary and a secondary weapon. The game has three modes: campaign missions, challenge matches and quick confrontations. This game is Multiplayer game. Four players can play the Strike Force Heroes 2 game at the same time! The game offers you a large collection of weapons, this is obviously an interesting game that recommended for those who like a good war games.