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Friv Game Bomb It 2

Friv Game Bomb It 2Play Friv Game Bomb It 2 at 2 new site new fun! Bomb It 2 is a game for those that are craving for some good old Bomberman action. Players choose one of the four available game characters and navigate a maze, make their way through using bombs, neutralize the enemies and collect tons of prizes, coins and rewards. Four game modes offer different challenges. Arcade mode requires destroying all enemies. Ten opponents must be annihilated by those that choose to play Weapons only mode. Collect the Coins is a mode where players have to obtain 10 coins. Fifty tiles need to be colored in order to complete Color the Tiles mode. Bomb It 2 is new game in the Bomb It games series. Play the cool games with friend or against the computer. Enjoy from new version of the Bomberman old game.