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FRIV.COM Extreme pamplona MINICLIP

FRIV.COM Extreme pamplona MINICLIPPlay Friv Extreme Pamplona from Miniclip. You can play free the cool game Extreme Pamplona whenever you want. Get ready for endless fun on this game. So what happens in this game? A crazy bull is walking around on the streets of a city in Europe, and its total madness. You must do something! The bull is very angry, and you do not want meet him face to face. You must escape! so start to run! Extreme Pamplona is online game with lot of fun, fear and terror as you can imagine, what a crazy Spanish bull can do in a city. In the game you become Torero who becomes part of the people running after the bull. This game is most suitable for men, who feel fearless, and you have to make sure hat the character runs fast and he is not trampled by the big bull. Use the arrow keys and space bar to move and jump respectively. Play games all games here!