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Friv.com Bad Ice Cream 2

Friv.com Bad Ice Cream 2
4.6 (91.11%) 9 vote[s]
Friv.com > Friv Online Games > Friv.com Bad Ice Cream 2
Play Friv Bad Ice Cream 2 at Friv.com the new cool site! Bad Ice Cream is a simple but captivating browser game, where players control a pixelated ice cream. This ice cream has an insatiable appetite for all sorts of fruits and vegetables, from pumpkins to melons, grapes or bananas there’s nothing the ice cream won’t eat. As soon as the ice cream eats all the fruits, more will spawn and sometimes the setting might change as well. Some areas at the Bad Ice Cream 2 Friv.com game may become inaccessible so players have to rethink their strategy. The challenging part is avoiding the bad monsters. One single contact with an enemy and the ice cream will melt to death. The game is recommended for those who like games of strategic and thinking. Bad Ice Cream 2 is the second part, in a series of online games at Friv.com so enjoy! Because the third game is already on the way Here!