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Friv Bomberman 2

Friv Bomberman 2
4.4 (87.27%) 11 vote[s]
Friv.com > Friv Online Games > Friv Bomberman 2
Play Bomberman 2 of if you want Playing With Fire 2 at Friv.con space. The Cool Game continues the bombing madness that started by the first game. Players once again take the role of a lone survivor surrounded by a gang of enemies. Just like in the first game of Bomberman Part 1, the main goal is to place bombs and destroy enemies. The more enemies you destroy, the more points you will get. All power ups from the previous game are available but this feature is now enriched with even more useful items. This time players can throw bombs and damage the opponents from a distance, strategically position bombs by kicking them and teleport using warp squares. So if the first game left you desire to continue the challenge, Come near the screen because the game begins! Friv.con 2 Now presents the second game in a series of Games Bombs! Bomberman Playing With Fire 2 In the original version Here!