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Free Running Mirror’s Edge Game Friv

Free Running Mirror's Edge Game FrivMirror’s Edge Game Friv is cool game on that actually introduces us a Free Running game, like all Parkour Games. The game is recommended for anyone who loves to play online running games, games with lot of movement and fun! In the game you’re running on the city rooftops, and your goal is to collect all the elements, that appear on the screen, without falling between the buildings! Running with the arrow keys and jumping with “S”. But watch out! There are elements that can slow down your running speed, these objects do not collect! Your player can do kinds of tricks, to make it through the risky way. On this cool Free Running game you can climb walls, jump from one place to another, with flips or other ways. Mirror’s Edge is fast and furious game! If you’re brave enough, try to crack the challenge! You are playing against the clock, the time also running, but not on your side… So run and pass all the obstacles as fast as possible! Play Free Running game in the Mirror’s Edge Game Version on of course!